About Us

Bigarade was born out of Geneviève Lorange’s passion for textiles and her nostalgia of the teachings of her grandmother who would often make quilts. (Learn more about Geneviève’s story) 

This dream became a reality with the creation of an online store in August 2015, which crafted artisanal bedding with lifetime warranty. Geneviève strongly believes that good things last longer (Learn more about our green philosophy)

Finally in autumn 2015, following a particularly romantic trip to Spain, Geneviève had the desire to create a space where people could take come together, dream and create. The Bigarade shop opened its doors in April 2016 at 3889 Sainte-Catherine Est. Montreal.

This large shop filled with artisanal creations offers a large craft table for visitors, a café counter with local delicacies and a lower level workshop.

As you can imagine, our shop is like Santa's workshop as each of our creations are handmade on site. All this is possible thanks to the extraordinary work of three fairies: Mylène the perfectionist, the go-getter Manon and Elizabeth the explorer! Genevieve, while she knows how to sew, now handles the creation of new models as well as the shop.

Each creation is handmade, from cutting to assembly, all the way to the packaging. This allows us to ensure that everything is perfectly handmade with love and a human touch!

Don’t hesitate to ask for a tour of our workshop during your next visit with us!

Thank you for encouraging your local artisans here at Bigarade!


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