Environment Friendly

Working with respect for the environment

Our grandmothers were the best at using of the resources they had at hand and so we’re already leaders in sustainable development. The treasures created by their nimble fingers were then handed down generation to generation.

The respect we have for Mother Nature is expressed every day in our small workshop through our actions, from the design of our products down to the methods of creation. We always foresee the beautiful end product of each of our creations.



We are always looking for exceptional fabrics, forgotten in old warehouses across Quebec, sometimes outdated but always beautiful, strong and unique.


We believe that the fabrics were previously with better made, from the standpoint of raw materials, the durability of pigments and the weaving methods used. Our philosophy goes against "fast fashion" trends as they don’t use local and small series manufacturing quality.


So we select fabrics made from the most natural materials (cotton, linen, wool and silk) as much for their comfort as for their durability. We’re definitely partial to raw linen that has been dyed or bleach, which we often use in our creations.


Natural fibers, in addition to letting the skin breathe, are biodegradable. Animal fibers such as wool or silk can take up to 5 years to decompose in nature whereas vegetable fibers such as cotton or linen take only 1-5 months.


We do like a lot certain polyester weavings and sometimes we succumb to their charm. When this is the case, we use them only to cover one side of our cushions. As the polyester is made from oil, its lifetime is greater than that of natural fibers and will decompose in 30 to 50 years to.


If your product is repairable, do not hesitate to contact us! Otherwise, be sure to give it a second life or recycle it (see link below to the Certex company website).




The issue of padding has long been a difficult choice for us. Feather down padding is the option that has longest life; however, after seeing the appalling films broadcast by PETA, we decided not to encourage this trade. Feathers padding is also not easy to wash.


Polyester padding, meanwhile, eventually flattens and has a shorter lifespan due to the fact that there is no way to restore it to its original flexibility. Polyester, being composed of oil, is not usually recycled in most places.


We have therefore chosen to offer a false down padding that has the texture of real feathers, without creating calamus (small, hard feather stems that sometimes fall out of the cushions) that is also 100% washable. Unfortunately, this product is made of polyester but we believe that this product offering increased comfort and durability will have a longer life.


Please Email us if you have questions and we will share with you our grandmother secrets to maximizing the life of your textile treasures.


We invite you also to donate your textile products at end their use, regardless of their condition, by dropping them off at a Certex donation box. Certex is a Quebec company that will give them a second hand use: www.certexcanada.com



Detail oriented, we ensure that all our zippers, elastic bands, cords and cotton stuffing materials are purchased in Montreal or, at the very furthest, in Toronto. We ensure that these products are made in Canada because sustainable development is more than encourage local trade, but also reduce, to the extent of our knowledge and capabilities, the transportation of materials.





Nostalgically, we sometimes make incredible discoveries such as images and textiles from the early part of last century, which are very hard to transform into bedding.


So we immortalize these treasures from another time period by scanning them and printing them in Montreal on silk or velvet. Printing is done by sublimation, which is to say by heat transfer. This technique seals the pigments in the fibers so that they can withstand washing, the sun and the passing of time.


It allows us to print only what is necessary and thus avoid waste, in addition to giving us the opportunity to collaborate with another craft workshop like our own.



Our sheets and duvet covers are packaged in cotton bags that can be used later to store your bedding or can used as lunch bag, shoe bag and laundry bag for fragile items.


Our silk pillowcases are packed in small silk bags that can be reused to store your glasses.


Our labels, business cards and thank you cards are made of recycled paper made in Quebec and are sometimes embellished with raw linen scraps. We hand make them one by one by in our workshop to produce only what we need.


Our packaging boxes, for shipping, are made of strong, non-bleached recycled cardboard. Our packages look like large ravioli because it allows us to limit the amount of material we use. In addition, the cardboard can be recycled once it arrives at your home.



Due to the small amount of production and the rarity of our products, we’ve designed each of our creations with the goal of making the best use of fabrics we acquired in our workshop. They are so beautiful, and we even avoid the smallest amount of waste: every scrap turns into a wallet, hair scrunchy or other small gift that you will receive with your online order. It is a small surprise made with love to thank you for believing in us and encouraging local trade.