Our Story

Genevieve’s Story 

"My grandmother made quilts all her life and I learned to sew before I even knew how to ride a bike. It is with the same enthusiasm that I decided to manufacture bedding, all while retaining her values ​​and making sustainable handmade products with love; like the quilts she created with care for every member of thefamily, and for every special occasion too.

In this same spirit, I’ve looked for vintage materials dating the begging of the last century: wonderful, rare and strong fabrics that can withstand all the trials and life changes. I then turns these fabrics into pillows, sheets, duvet covers or baskets that I guaranteed for life; could you imagine my grandmother ever asking to see if the quilt she had given me were already getting old! I recycle every bit of tissue, as she did for making doll dresses, and I also make cushions with handkerchiefs patterns. She used these handkerchiefs to make cakes!

One year ago, my grandmother’s husband passed away and she had to move to a elder residency home. Following these trying times, her morale began todrop and her vision gradually began to decline. This great woman who loved sewing and reading had lost the ability to enjoy her two passions along with her lover for the past two decades.

For her birthday, I gave her a cushion that I made this year as well as flowers. She didn’t really notice the flowers, but the cushion really moved her. And she speaks constantly of its gentleness, its fantastic texture and compliments it repeatedly during the day. She even asked me to make her more, despite the limited space in her room, delighting to describe each pattern, almost like telling a story. Its difficult for grandma to get around now but when I make her sheets and blankets, she’s suddenly motivated to walk around more to tell others its story that it fills her with pride.

Today she’s passed the crafting torch to her granddaughter who makes her bedding, as she used to making for all "her world" before ...

As a brigade orange is an orange used in perfume and the name that I share with her is Lorange, I’ve names my studio my brigade (www.bigarade.io).

Working with respect for the environment

Our grandmothers were the best at using of the resources they had at hand and so we’re already leaders in sustainable development. The treasures created by their nimble fingers were then handed down generation to generation.

The respect we have for Mother Nature is expressed every day in our small workshop through our actions, from the design of our products down to the methods of creation. We always foresee the beautiful end product of each of our creations.